Step 1: You

What do you think is the worst thing someone could do?

Dante uses the term ‘sin’, you might think in the same terms, or in others, such as crime or wrongdoing or evil.

You can either choose one of the sins suggested in the list below or add your own in the box at the bottom of the list, then click the vote button.

The list is partly based on Dante’s Inferno, but also on the seven deadly sins and the ten commandments, as well as more recent ideas. It is in alphabetical order, it is not exhaustive, and some sins may include others within them (e.g. violence might include murder, fraud may include lying etc.).

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Friday 4th June 2021
Paradiso Cantos 30-31
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Friday 22nd November 2019
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Friday 27th September 2019
Paradiso Cantos 23-26

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